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Hi, I'm Cloe

Turn your Discord server into the best community server. Without any other bots in minutes.
Join the other 1.079 Discord servers and explore the bleeding edge functions of Cloe!

AFK • AntiMessageRaid • Applications • TempRoles • AutoPoster • AutoPublisher • AutoResponses • AutoMod • AutoRoles • AutoThreads • Birthdays • Boost Messages • Server Discovery • Bump Reminder • Button Roles • ChatBot • Join Messages • Join DMs • Leave Messages • Counting • Custom Buttons • Games (ex: typing test, quiz, google faud etc.) • Giveaways • Custom Messages • Leveling • Logging (Advance) • Moderation System (Advance) • Ban Appeals • OneWordStory • Polls • Fun (Commands) • Reaction Roles • Reminders • Roleplay (Commands) • ShortUrls • Social Logs (Twitch, Not Working = Instagram, Youtube, Reddit) • Starboards • Sticky Messages • Suggestions • Tags • TempVoices • Tickets • Verification • VoteTracker (Servers, Bots)

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Here can you see some modules of the Bot and the functions.

giveaway image


Cloe has its own and really unique giveaway system..


A Discord inbuilt Application system too

applications image
starboard image


Do You want to not forget a nice message? Use the starboard to save the message in a other channel.

Auto Moderation

Keep your server clean & friendly with fast and easy to configure Auto Moderation with 19 filters.

automod image
tickets image


Want to create many Ticket systems with a unique rateing system?

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