Our Management

Cloe's Management plugin includes: Welcome/Leave messages,
Reaction Roles, Tickets, Sticky Messages, Applications, Logging, Auto Roles and Suggestions.

Welcome / Leave

Give your new members a heartwarming welcome or say goodbye to leaving members. With Image and Embed Support.

welcome leave
reaction roles

Reaction Roles

Cloe have a really advance reaction roles system inbuild.
booster only, needed role, blacklisted role and 7 diffrent types of reaction roles.


Button based ticket system to provide support & help! Inbuild Raiting System. Complelty customizeable with needed/blacklisted role,
new ticket name, close ticket name, logging channel, channel transcripts, ask to close, user can cloe, user dms and max tickets

automod demo
sticky message

Sticky Messages

You want to stick a message so everyone read before typing in a channel?
Not a problem cloe have it! also with embed support.


Want to crete Mod Applications? or any other Applications? Easy with cloe!
Give roles after opening a apply, approveed apply, declined apply, logging channel and also user dms.



With Cloe's logging module you can log everything that happen on your guild. Cloe sees everything.

Auto Roles

You want to give users automaticity roles? No problem with Cloe, you can also specify an invite code for a specified role.



Create suggestions for your server or a project, Highly customizeable with many functions. Approved channel, denied channel, log channel, anonym suggestions, self vote, commants also needed roles and userdms.

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