Our Moderation

Moderation user automatically or do it by hands, you can do both perfectly with Cloe.

moderation commands

Commands for your Staff Team

You can moderate users and channels per commands and per the Conext Menu. MultiBan but also a advance Purge Command.

Mod Config

You can customize the dms, set a log channel, add custom mod roles or set a custom auto punishment rule.

mod config
auto mod settings

Auto Moderation

A completly advance automoderation system with over 20 filters to detect anything you need!


a Full Demonstarion of the Auto Moderation System

automod demo
verify gate


Setup a join gate for users before they can access to your Guild. Complelty customizeable you can set the type you want for the verification and also needed/blacklisted role etc.


Cloe also have a small anti raid system for message raids.


What Are You Waiting For?

Set up Cloe and build the best community Discord Server without any other bots in minutes