Our Utils

Sometimes all you need is a small & handy utility for your server. Cloe got it all - From Custom Embeds to Auto Responses and Reminders!


Send Embeds with Cloe!

You can send embeds with cloe pretty easy and also edit messages from cloe!

Info Commands

You want to know something like user infos, server infos or a join graph? Easy with Cloe!

info commands


You need reminders for something? Not a problem with the inbuild reminder system!

Auto Responses

Want some Custom Commands or just a simple auto response?
Easy just do it with cloe also includes custom args etc.

auto responses
auto poster

Auto Poster

You want a bot that automatically post a message every specified time?
For example, ads from your server? Easy, you can also enable auto publish!

Boost Logs

One really cool feature that cloe have is the boost log.
You can easly look and post a message/embed when someone boost!

boost logs


You want to save a message in a special channel? Use Cloe's inbuild starboard system!


Cloe can count your channels, members, servers and roles, and also the current date, time and boosts.


What Are You Waiting For?

Set up Cloe and build the best community Discord Server without any other bots in minutes